In the Beginning, it was dark and formless... Then God filled the universe with beautiful creations. When Adam asks God what His most beautiful creation is, many try to claim this title, but it is ultimately up to God to reveal what is truly the most beautiful of all...
God is the father figure for all creatures in the Garden of Eden. He is full of love, and yet full of justice. When anyone got into troubles in the Garden of Eden, He always know the solution that works best for everyone of us. And everyone loves God, the good good father.
Students can learn on their own at their own pace with the given collections of courses/lessons based on their age group. They can choose what they’d like to learn among the pre-selected courses and lessons.
Air Sunday School encourages parents to get involved in the student’s spiritual learning progress. Once they have registered their child or children, they can select a lesson to learn with their children.
Sunday School teachers can use the materials (animations, books and games ) provided by Air Sunday School to customize their own lesson plan for their Sunday School classes.
Learn the Word anywhere:
Available on web and mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, Windows Surface, etc)
3D Animation
Because we use 3D animation for our content, you can also look forward to experiencing Air Sunday School in VR!
Students can receive push notifications about daily mini challenges/quizzes to learn God’s Word
Students can exchange the virtual badges that they have earned for physical prizes from the Shop
All lesson/course content are developed in collaboration with seminaries to ensure that all teachings are orthodox.