J Gospel Net, a non-profit Christian organization founded in 2006 by Rev. Roycos Hom, is located in the heart of New York City. Our team is fully committed to serve you with the utmost in dedication, honesty, and the love of our Lord. Our mission is to bring forth the Gospel and advance God’s kingdom through Internet ministry. We are technically savvy, relationship-oriented organization that designs and develops web and mobile sites, web applications, marketing material, and print communications for all diverse industries. We have a special passion for producing Christian and Bible-related apps.


Our mission is to capture every thought for the next generations to make it obedient to Christ through innovative and creative digital media designed for learning biblical truths. Air Sunday School is the platform to nurture our children to have the biblical mindset for Christ with top notch digital media that meet or exceed the industry standard


At Air Sunday School, our vision is not just committed to create the engaging biblical platform for our next generation. We see the necessarily and responsibility to improve the spiritual and character development for our next generation for the common good of God loved society. We need to rise the Christ like future generations for God’s eternal kingdom.

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22 Howard St, Basement C, New York, NY,
10013, United States of America


Phone/Fax +1-646-896-1968

Email: support@jgospel.net


We are located in New York, NY. Our office is one block away from the Canal Street station, and you can take N, Q, R, W, J, Z and 6 train. We are open five days a week and you are welcome to come visit! Please email or call us to make an appointment.